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Next Dream, Adoption of 'Simple' 'Accurate' 'Fast' Funding Liquidity System

Enhancement of liquidity management system and achievement of work efficiency

NACF is able to measure short-term funding liquidity every day after the adoption of independent system. Furthermore, the existing complicated process that used to derive data from various system and manually analyze became a more simple and accurate process by deriving data from a single channel to yield results. It enhances operability to view the funding liquidity of the entire company at a glance, and is used as a source to determine project plans.

Adoption Process

  • Daily identification of short-term funds liquidity is made possible.
  • Its easily acquired highly-precise aggregated fund information of the entire company could be used as a source for business strategy plan.
  • Liquidity risk was reduced and enhancement of management system level was achieved.

The next goal of NACF and Hitachi

Raise the level of liquidity risk management from the enterprise perspective

Mr. Yun, NACF

While globalization is underway, financial institutions all over the world are changing as one market. Amidst such changes in the environment, many financial institutions are exerting efforts to foster risk management abilities that respond to outside changes. NACF can thoroughly apply the existing risk management system through adopting an independent liquidity management system this time. From now on, the entire company will unite as one in order to strive to further raise the level of risk management.

─ Mr. Yun, NACF

Become the best partner that can support financial institutions from various aspects

Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd

We at LG Hitachi are working hard to expand our knowledge in various aspects such as improvement of risk management abilities of financial institutions. The importance of such areas is growing in the global economy that is ever growing, consolidating, and internationalizing. By making the best use of our rich knowledge and experiences, we aim to contribute to the growth of your business as the best partner that can optimize financial decision-making of financial institutions from various angles.

─ Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) Profile


NACF was founded in 1961 to contribute to the enhancement of farmers' quality of life and balanced growth of the national economy through strengthening the competitiveness of domestic agriculture. The major projects of the NACF consist of 3 areas: education support, economic projects, and credit projects. For education support, the cultural welfare project to enhance the farmers' quality of life, and free legal services project to speak on behalf of the farmers' right and fishers are being promoted. Regarding credit projects, comprehensive financial services such as the credit guarantee project are provided to workers in banks, insurance, stock market, agriculture, and the fishing industry. The Federation is currently operating 16 regional headquarters, 160 branches of cities and provinces, and 691,307 branches and local offices all over the country.

Introduction of LG Hitachi

LG Hitachi is a comprehensive IT service corporation creating values to satisfy customers based on our excellent products and technical expertise. LG Hitachi has expanded its influence through high tech IT technologies and various specialized solutions since the beginning of mainframe business in 1986. LG Hitachi is increasing customer's values in domestic & overseas IT services specialized in the financial sector, public sector, and industrial sector. Hitachi's hardware infrastructure businesses (storage, server, network, and etc.), and smart solution businesses, the leading business of the smart IT market, is also increasing the value of its customers.

NACF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)

Financial and Insurance Activities


Release Date:
Mar. 2011

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Finance, IT

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LG Hitachi Ltd.