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Hitachi's Solution, Adoption of 'Simple' 'Accurate' 'Fast' Funding Liquidity System

About NACF Solution and its Approach

The construction of this funding liquidity management system was carried out step-by-step in the order of analysis, design, development, and evaluation as it aimed for identification in fluctuating factors of the funds flow, automated funding management, and system maintenance enabling quick responses.

In the analysis phase, the concept was actualized with consulting from an outside company specializing in accounting. In the design phase, the direction of the development was derived from close communication between NACF and LG Hitachi . After numerous discussions, It was decided to construct an independent system as the optimum solution for NACF.

In the development phase, the delivery was shortened by dividing the system into 6 areas and parallel development:
short-term liquidity, mid-term liquidity, deposit & withdrawal of safe-deposits, funding analysis and plan, funds statistics, liquidity funding management database.

Adoption of installation method that require no additional hardware

This system adopted the method of installing instances of management information system and ODS system without a dedicated server and special hardware. We were able to save cost as no new hardware was needed.

Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

The much-needed independent system was developed under close cooperation with the NACF with low-cost as new hardware or maintenance were needed.

─ Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

ODS: Operational Data Store
ODF id the database for temprarily storing data which are internally extracted so that mainsystem data
(operational data)can be used for specific purposes such as serach
Login Screen of Liquidity Management System

Login Screen of Liquidity Management System

Hitachi Solution

  • Identify fluctuation factors of funds flow
  • Automate Funding Management
  • Enable system maintenance for quick response
  • Decrease development period by simultaneously conducting development by functions
  • Adopt software installation method which does not require new servers

The following page introduces the adoption effect and future outlook.

NACF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)

Financial and Insurance Activities


Release Date:
Mar. 2011

Products & Services:
Finance, IT

Solutions By:
LG Hitachi Ltd.