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Next Dream, Improvement of work that has integrated the functions of the financial accounting system into one platform

As a result of developing the integrated financial accounting system, NACF had shortened the closing time of branches by an average of 1 hour, and was able to achieve the reduction of workload on the support for IT division's branches, and the support of fast decision-making due to increased applicability of accounting information.

Adoption Effects

  • Reduction of closing time of branches by an average of over 1 hour
  • Reduction of IT division's burden of branch work support
  • Support of fast decision-making by raising the applicability of accounting information

The future vision of NACF and Hitachi

The future vision of NACF and Hitachi To consistently establish a financial accounting system and structure that can quickly and flexibly respond to continuous changes and improve work efficiency.

NACF had aimed to innovate the overall duties through an integrated financial accounting system. In the IT sector, we have established a work system that can productively carry out transaction support or closing, settlement, and identification of management condition in the head office and branches by constructing an infrastructure that can flexibly accommodate financial accounting related requirements. We will continuously exert our efforts in enhancing the system so that we can respond flexibly to any amendments of accounting standards or laws and improve our ability to accommodate changes in the market and the environment.

─ Mr. Yun, NACF

Mr. Yun, NACF

We will continue to introduce advanced financial accounting systems and provide financial services by putting the needs of our customer first.

Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

LG Hitachi has expanded our working knowledge of financial IT services through the development and management of large scale systems for prominent financial institutions in Korea We also provide portfolios of our solutions specializing in finance, such as comprehensive management of past credits, comprehensive test information, and next generation branch offices. By making the best use of our accumulated know-how and references, we will continue to work hard to construct systems that put the needs of our customers first and flexibly respond to changes in domestic and foreign financial accounting standards such as the amendment of IFRS, the growing complexity of surrounding economic environments, and internal accounting management systems.

─ Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

Profile of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (National Agricultural Federation)

National Agricultural Cooperative Federation

The National Agricultural Federation was founded in 1961 to contribute to the enhancement of farmers' quality of living and balanced growth of the national economy through strengthening the competitiveness of domestic agriculture. The major projects of the National Agricultural Federation fall in 3 areas: educational support, economic projects, and credit projects. For educational support, the cultural welfare project to enhance farmers' quality of living and the free legal services project for speaking on behalf of the rights of farmers and fishers are being promoted. Regarding credit projects, comprehensive financial services such as the credit guarantee project are provided to workers in banks, insurance, stock market, agriculture, and the fishing industry. The Federation currently operates 16 regional headquarters, 160 city and province branches, and 691,307 branches and local offices all over the country.

Introduction of LG Hitachi

LG Hitachi is a comprehensive IT service corporation providing solutions that satisfy customers based on Hitachi's excellent products and technical expertise. LG Hitachi has expanded its influence through high tech IT technologies and various specialized solutions since starting the mainframe business in 1986. LG Hitachi is expanding its boundary in domestic & overseas IT services specialized in the financial sector, public sector, and industrial sector to provide better service for customer. Hitachi's hardware infrastructure (storage, server, network etc.) businesses, and smart solution businesses are leading the smart IT market and also increasing its value for its customers.

NACF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)

Financial and Insurance Activities


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Mar. 2011

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Finance, IT

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