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Hitachi's Solution, Improvement of work that has integrated the functions of the financial accounting system into one platform

The Solution Provided by Hitachi

On August 2006, LG Hitachi embarked on a 16-month project to downsize and integrate financial accounting while changing the mainframe environment to a UNIX server environment. Mr. Lee Byeong-mu of LG Hitachi talks about this.

Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

NACF started constructing an integrated financial accounting system to improve work productivity suitable for the needs of our customers, improve the process, and expand advanced accounting. The construction of the system was carried out step-by-step in the order of analysis, design, development, and evaluation.

─ Mr. Lee, LG Hitachi Ltd.

Achievement of Efficiency through an Integrated System

In the work analysis and design phase, LG Hitachi concentrated the most on how to effectively implement the system to improve the functions of accounting duties and specialty. Therefore, LG Hitachi chose to adopt a method where although each individual system is physically separated, all the work from account processing to accounting management processing is integrated into one platform. Due to this, we have conceived a seamless interface of various accounting duty systems.

After drawing up the big picture, LG Hitachi defined duties and functions by considering the removal of integrated management and redundant management of the NACF union, integration of functions, and process-based integration. Two systems were developed: the 'Accounting Processing System' and 'Accounting Management System'. . Transaction processing, bank window duty support, and error management were implemented into the 'Accounting Processing System.' The 'Accounting Management System' functions included the management of closing, journalizing, and managing book reports, settlements, account codes, and ledgers.

Login Screen of Integrated Financial Accounting System

Login Screen of Integrated Financial Accounting System

Hitachi Solution

  • Downsizing of mainframe environment into a UNIX environment
  • Integration of various scattered systems into one platform
  • Establishment of a duty system suitable for the needs of NACF

Mr. Lee LG Hitachi was able to conduct the advancement of financial accounting duties under a mainframe environment which had been operated for over 20 years by NACF customers into a new system based on our long accumulated experience in system integration projects in the financial sector.

The following page introduces the adoption effect and future outlook.

NACF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)

Financial and Insurance Activities


Release Date:
Mar. 2011

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