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Nooriro, the train for people and the environment

In June 2009, KORAIL introduced the Nooriro train service, operating between Seoul and Sinchang, as a substitute for the Mugunghwa train service. We would like to introduce Nooriro, equipped with various human-centered conveniences, the next generation eco-friendly electric locomotive and electric power source.

Introduction of KORAIL's Nooriro

With systems that generate power through the burning of fuels, existing trains brought about many damaging factors on the environmental level. In response to this, KORAIL introduced eco-friendly electric locomotive Nooriro in June 2009, which operates between Seoul and Sinchang, leading the efforts for low-carbon green growth in Korea. Traveling at 150km/h, the seat-type electric train 'Nooriro' is a compound of two Korean words, 'World (Noori)' and ‘Road (Ro)', meaning 'a train that travels the whole world'. This is a case study of the introduction of Nooriro, a train service that provides a pleasant traveling environment with its various human-centered amenities while caring for the environment.

In this video : Mr. Jang, Tae-Joo, Technical Support Department Manager of KORAIL Byeongjeom Train
Service Center, talks about the case study of the introduction of Nooriro. (Full video)

Background of the introduction of Nooriro

Mr. Jang, Tae-Joo, Technical Support Department Manager, KORAIL Byeongjeom Train Service Center

In line with the national green growth strategy of the government, KORAIL is researching and developing technology to reduce greenhouse gases for the enhancement of green marketing and procurement of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). Electric locomotive Nooriro was introduced as part of such an eco-friendly project.

─ Mr. Jang, Tae-Joo, Technical Support
Department Manager, KORAIL
Byeongjeom Train Service Center

Main Facilities of Nooriro

Nooriro has a total seating capacity of 263 (4 carriages long) and the seat intervals are designed to be more spacious and comfortable. For the convenience of passengers and to secure mobility rights of the socially disadvantaged, Nooriro is equipped with amenities such as wheelchair seats (2 electric wheelchair seats and 5 general wheelchair seats), laptop seats (14 seats), a nursing room, as well as lifts and toilets for the disabled.

Main Facilities of Nooriro

Source: Hitachi Korea Ltd.

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Feb. 2013

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