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KORAIL's Vision, Nooriro, the train for people and the environment Eco-friendly train in line with green growth

KORAIL's Vision

KORAIL's Vision and Expectations for Hitachi

KORAIL's Vision

Mr. JangIn line with green growth, KORAIL hopes
to continue introducing eco-friendly electric locomotives like Nooriro in the future. Together with such plans, KORAIL will thoroughly conduct maintenance so that passengers can travel in comfort and safety. For this to happen, KORAIL will introduce new technology, acquire the skills that come with it and enhance technical skills for maintenance.

Expectations for Hitachi

Mr. JangWe hope that the smooth procurement of
Nooriro's maintenance parts from Hitachi will continue. In addition, with Hitachi's global competitiveness, we hope for the exchange of advanced technology in other projects.

Mr. Jang

Introduction of KORAIL

Since the opening of the Gyeongin Line in 1899, KORAIL has become the main artery of national railways, contributing greatly to economic growth and regional development. As a representative public corporation in Korea, KORAIL strives to be an eco-friendly mean of transport, leading in low-carbon green growth. KORAIL’s current focus is to connect major base cities in Korea with travel times shorter than 90 minutes through railway nationwide by 2020, so that a single urban economic area may be achieved with the balanced development of the whole country.

Introduction of Hitachi, Ltd.

As a pioneer in railway manufacturing, Hitachi, Ltd. does not only make 'safer and more comfortable railway', it provides a total solution for its cars, driving system and IT-based service management system development in order to create a 'more eco-friendly railway'.

Introduction of Hitachi Korea Ltd.

Hitachi Korea Ltd. contributes to the development and innovation of Korean society through its wide range of business areas including sales, marketing, engineering, project management and A/S of railway systems, sales and marketing of power semiconductors, sales and marketing of power plant systems and steel plant systems, as well as international procurement.

Korea Railroad Corporation



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Feb. 2013

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